Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Texas or Bust!

All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go!
Truck loaded, RV loaded! Shew!
What a job!
I gave my 2 weeks notice 2 years ago,
but no one listened!
The truck is so full
we had to leave a couple of things behind.
Praying for some warm weather in Texas.
It's gonna be 27 degrees here tonight.


  1. Here's to wishing you an over the top wonderful, successful show! I'm sure you will do well. Your stuff is always the best.

    Take care,

  2. Hey Theresa. Please tell me, are you moving to Texas ? or just coming to a show ? If it's a show, tell me where ! Like you, I rescue the junk wherever I can. would love to see your offerings.

    and if you want warmer, you got warmer. Day before yesterday it was 95!!! Yep. that's Nine-Five. The rest of the week is milder but still very warm. Bring your swimsuit.

    Castroville Tx

  3. Oh best of luck! Wish I could go. Have loads of fun!

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  5. Hi! I thought I had already followed you over here, but now I have! :)
    Hope you post soon-LOVE your pics and fantastic style!

  6. Hi
    I wish I was in Texas, I would love to shop at your store!

  7. Love the new name and have you in my sidebar now :) Hope Texas was wonderful.

  8. All the best on your show in Texas, I am sure that it went well. Hopefully the weather cooperated, what a great ride that must have been, I love RVs. I really like the rustic look in the pictures and the use of metal. My favorite piece is the chairs.

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